Recent post for Colorado

Recent post for Colorado

Mike's Stadium Sports Cards

Aurora, CO


Mike's Stadium Sports Cards is one of our favorite sports card shops in America and one we had to tell every card collector about. Located in Aurora, Colorado, since 1992, Mike's Stadium Sports Cards has been known by area collectors for first-rate service, the latest releases, big hits and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Mike Fruitman, the shop's owner, has created an amazing collecting community around the shop that will make any first-time visitor feel like a welcome friend. Mike's is a great place for hardcore collectors as the shop hosts numerous in-store events like autograph sessions, trade nights, and other fun events.


Mike's customers have pulled plenty of amazing hits out of the outrageous amount of unopened wax boxes and packs on its shelves. The shop carries all of the newest releases from all of the major sports as well as releases from past seasons. The display cases are loaded full of high-quality modern and vintage singles from every sport. New pieces are constantly being added to the display cases as Mike is always buying  everything from singles all the way up to entire collections. If you are looking for Denver-area professional team cards and memorabilia, this shop has a large selection of cards and autographed memorabilia from every local team. Mike's also carries a full line of supplies, hobby publications, non-sport and gaming cards, and anything else the collector needs for his or her collection.


Mike's is a family-friendly shop and the perfect place to meet local collectors who visit the shop on a regular basis. The shop has weekly drawings every Saturday and participates in all of the manufacturers' special event days and giveaways. The store has a great trade night on the last Saturday of every month and is packed with fellow collectors looking to find pieces to add to their collections. Each box purchase you make improves your odds at Mike's Monthly Drawing to win one pack of each new release. Stay up-to-date with all of the shop's events by signing up for its email newsletter at or by following the store's Facebook page at Mike Stadium Sports Cards mikesstadiumsportscards.


Are you ready to turn your cardboard gold into cash? Mike's is one of the most aggressive buyers of popular player rookie cards, certified autographed singles and relic swatch cards. Mike's is also intently looking for star players from before 1980 and ANYTHING from before 1970. Whether it is one card, 100 cards or one million cards, there is a great chance that Mike will help you cash out.


Mike's Stadium Sports Cards is a top-notch sports card shop and a must visit if you're in the Denver area. This shop is a one-stop place for the hardcore collector as they can fill just about any of your collecting needs and is also a great place to take the first-time collector to learn the ins and outs of the hobby. Stop by the shop and you will understand why Mike's Stadium Sports Cards is one of our favorite shops anywhere.


Mike's Stadium Sportscards
4022 South Parker Road
Aurora, CO 80014

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